FBDM is a Full Service Video Production Company!

Camera Equipment

We strive to always keep up with the times and technology which is why all of our videography cameras record in 4k so we can give our clients the best possible quality!

Audio Equipment

From lapel microphones to directional microphones on a boom/fish pole are always made available to our clients for professional audio recording.

Aerial Equipment

From a small drone (UAS, UAV) to one that spans almost 5′, we have quality platforms that can carry a small camera like a GoPro to a RED SCARLET DRAGON.

Wedding season is coming up FAST! Don’t wait until the last minute and get stuck paying higher prices for sub-par quality.


Wedding Videography

From $100 to $10,000 Projects, We Have A Solution

What started out as a dream for me became a reality after several years of working for corporations as an employee filming, editing and creating videos. I took the leap and started FlyBy Digital Media (FBDM), a complete videography, cinematography, and digital media company. With the experience I gained, knowledge I possess, and the contacts that I have made and continue to make within this industry, FBDM has the skill-set to make your vision a reality!

Clint Harris

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Photography and Videography Client
Photography and Videography Client

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