We Are FlyBy Digital Media

Get to know who we are. We work for you by working with you, because truly amazing things come from collaboration.

Turning Ideas Into Action

Communication and collaboration are the keys in turning ideas into action and action into reality. We could do an award winning job on your project, but if it is not what you are looking for then we have failed.

Our goal is to get to know your business from your perspective, your wedding ideas from your imagination, capturing the essence of your vision and turning it into a video that you are proud to show others and have your name associated with it.


Aerial Videography and Photography

When it comes to aerial productions, we take pride in the fact that we only use pilots that are not only certified by the FAA (required as of 10/1/2016 for commercial drone usage), but have years of experience in flying. Anyone can go to the store and buy a drone (UAV, UAS), but it takes years of experience to fly for us.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is your typical process for working with a new customer?

My typical process is to quote based off of customers stated needs. When the customer contacts me, I ask further questions to identify any areas that may not have been made clear in the initial proposal. Depending on responses, the price of services may need to be adjusted.

What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

While my passion is Aerial photography and videography, I have been behind a camera for the better part of 6 years professionally and Lord only knows how long before that!!  The FAA finally came out with a certification test in which I past and I am certified to fly drones (UAV, UAS, mutlirotors, etc) for commercial purposes.

What types of customers have you worked with?

Most of what I have done has been on the corporate side filming either how-to videos or inner-agency videos/commercials for employees of large companies. While I did gain the majority of my knowledge and skills working for corporations, all videos copyrights were held by the companies I worked for which is why I have only a few items in my portfolio at this time.

Do you have a standard pricing system for your service? If so, please share the details here.

Standard pricing is hard to do. How many cameras, mounted or additional videographers, post editing or dumping for the client to edit, audio or music overlay, voice over, travel expenses, hours of service, etc. all have to be taken into consideration.  While I have tried to come up with a standard pricing list, it is just not that easy.  An 8 hour wedding or corporate event may take 4 hours or 16 hours of editing so you can see how having a standard price list could be an issue

How did you get started doing this type of work?

I got started in web design in the early 2000’s which led into photo editing which led into video editing which led into doing where I am today. I have also been flying RC planes since the 2000’s and moved to UAV’s in 2013.  My first one I built from scratch that was intended to carry a full-size DSL camera but that one was short lived.  I learned from my mistakes and built a much stronger and more powerful one that can carry a cinematic camera such a a RED Scarlet and other large cameras.

What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?

If I could offer any advice to a client it would be to think out the process of what you want as thoroughly as possible.  For a wedding, do you want your vows recorded? If so, do you want a mic in your face or a lapel mic?  Do you want video of you and your partner to have video of each other getting ready?  If it is an outdoor wedding, what time is the service and where is the sun going to be in relation to your position and the videographers and photographers position?

Describe a recent project you are fond of. How long did it take?

A few months back I was hired by a real estate agent to film a house on a golf course.  It was an absolute pleasure to work with the agent and the home owners.  The house and property were just amazing and the view of the golf course from their back porch, priceless! Overall, the shoot took about an hour and the post editing took about 2 hours.

What questions should customers think through before talking to professionals about their project?

Customers I think should close their eyes and walk through the entire process from start to finish.  Verbalize it so you hear what you are thinking.  Write it down.  Go back through it and look for holes in your plan or problems that might occur.  Know exactly what you want and be as clear as possible as this will make the process more efficient and closer to your vision at the end.

Put us to work! If you are looking for a solid partner for your projects, we’d love to talk to you!