Our Process

Our process can align with your needs. We combine strategies to help clients think beyond ordinary, translating complex ideas into elegant creations.

We become an extension of you through innovation and turning your idea into reality.



We are not just another video production company.  We do not shove our ideas down your throat.  We do not publish our vision.  What we do though is listen to you.  We communicate and collaborate with you.  We work for you by working with you.  We help fine tune your vision, or if needed, we help create one.  Truly amazing things can happen when great minds come together.



Whether it is simple photography that you are looking for, a commercial to brand your company, or a capturing your dream wedding, we start at the beginning. It’s time to put pen to paper.  It’s time to take the story out of your head and start the mock-up of your vision.  Here is where all ideas are put on the table and while not all will make the cut, this is where your vision starts to come to light!



After the storyboard has been created, vetted, and ready for production, it is time to really get to work.  Here is where your ideas and vision actually come to fruition.  Timelines have been set, we know what we are supposed to do, and now it is our turn to bring to life everything we have worked towards thus far!

Videography Equipment
Video Editing


Final Rendition

At this point, we have taken the photos and recorded your commercial or wedding. Now the fun really begins.  It is time to start putting all the video and audio together, color editing, making audio correction, and adding in any digital animations to complete your project.  Depending on the scope of work, this could take a few hours to a couple of weeks.  We will also show you what we have as we go along so that you can see the progress and let us know of any changes that need to be made.  Rest assured, your project will not be delivered until you are satisfied!

Happy with what You See? Let us Know and we Promise to Get in Touch as Soon as Your Request Hits Our Inbox.

Video Editing Client
Photography and Videography Client
Photography and Videography Client
Photography and Videography Client
Video Editing Client