Bailey and Steven Laake Wedding

Wedding at Lofty Spaces in Dallas, TX.

Let me tell you that when it comes to working with a bride and groom, nothing is easier than when the bride is super laid back and the groom doesn’t show up until the day of the wedding!  All kidding aside, Bailey Price and Steven Laake were incredible to work with.  I prefer to shoot in a candid style, not giving direction and just letting the couples be themselves and that is exactly what I got with them, and there venue was fantastic!  Not the greatest lighting for video, but an amazing place if I do have to say so myself.

Lofty Spaces is a collection of unique individual spaces that are designed to work together to create a truly awesome event space.  Whether you have a small intimate party or a larger party, Lofty Spaces is a place you must check out.

It was such as privilege to be such a huge part of Mr. and Mrs. Laake’s wedding! We wish you the best and look forward to hearing your stories of love and marriage down the road!